The hotel where the love of cycling meets comfort

for all extraordinary explorers!

🚴‍♂️ If you’re seeking the perfect destination for a cycling getaway, you’ve come to the right place! Imagine a place where cycling enthusiasts and even those who don’t share the passion can enjoy a unique blend of adventure and tranquility – welcome to our Piccolo Bike Hotel!

Picture original and sleek architecture nestled amidst hills and picturesque landscapes. Featuring comfortable and stylish rooms with traditional Moroccan design, an Italian restaurant offering valley views, and a pool with its own terrace, we have all the ingredients for an unforgettable stay.

Now, let’s not leave our non-cycling friends behind. We understand that not everyone has caught the cycling bug just yet. But rest assured, in our bike-dedicated hotel, there’s something for everyone. From refined gastronomic experiences to lively social ambiance – we’re not solely focused on cycling; we’re creating an inclusive and holistic getaway.

Our Rooms


A menu featuring healthy options with Italian specialties and reimagined Moroccan delights.


Outdoor Activities: Hiking trails, water sports, and local excursions await you.


Secure bike storage, on-site bike rental, repair workshop

An authentic restaurant

Our restaurant offers a unique culinary experience, blending reimagined Italian and Moroccan flavors to cater to the needs of athletes while satisfying food enthusiasts.

From 0 To Atlas

For cycling enthusiasts eager to explore, our on-site facility within the hotel is your starting point. You can rent high-quality bikes to explore the stunning surrounding landscapes.

Dive into our beautiful pool

and enjoy its terrace overlooking the valley

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